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Our coaching staff at KCF is experienced, skilled, effective and has a record to back it up. We can help you break through a plateau, fix a specific movement or help set you on the optimal fitness or nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

We have helped clients with: 26.2 mile Marathon distance, 50 miler trail race distances, Full and Half Ironman, Rowing, Powerlifting , Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics Movements, and CrossFit Competition.

Our coaches also run small group sessions through out the year focused on various core skills or specific training groups for road and trail races. Please contact us if you have a specific session you are looking for.

Limited Access

For new clients we are limiting access to one-on-one personal training to only Unlimited Members for our full-time coaches in December 2023, our part time coaches are still available. We are taking this step so that we can focus on the overall KCF community.

CrossFit Personal Training

Workout of the Day

Training with a community and a common goal

Work of the day

Workout of the day

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Med ball Carry

Med Ball Carry

Loaded object
Running laps

Running Laps

Sandbag overhead carry

Sandbag Overhead Carry

Odd Object training
Team Workout

Team Work

Team Motivation
Clean and Jerk Day

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