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This program is the perfect strength & conditioning supplement for middle and high school athletes looking to get a leg up on their competition. It is also an outstanding opportunity for those not involved in sports to get a world class strength & conditioning workout that will benefit nearly every facet of their lives.

Teens programming is similar to adult CrossFit programming, however the athlete to coach ratio is limited so that the coach can provide additional focus on proper technique.

Class is led by an L2 or higher coach that will lead them through a three part session that includes a warm-up, a strength or skill session, and the workout of the day. The coach will monitor each athletes form and make corrections. If the individuals technique is not suitable for the movement, or the loading is not aligned well with the intended session stimulus the coach will provide adjustments or modifications

Class runs for 60 minutes, the coach ensures that class starts and finishes on-time. Our unique programming, created by our full time head coach with over 10 years of experience, produces well rounded fitness that will increase, strength, speed, cardio-conditioning and mobility. It is structured around a weekly and monthly conditioning plan so that you can continue to train with intensity and without injury.

CrossFit Teens Class


Community Planning

Our Head Coach takes into account both the needs of the gym community and what is required to raise each athletes individual fitness. Weight, set, rep, time and movements schemes are programed as prescribed (Rx) for the fittest athletes with multiple scaling options offered for developing athletes. We focus on not only on training cycles, but also different movement types and energy systems of the body. We are passionate about creating the most effective training system possible.


At the heart of CrossFit is the barbell. Programming regularly involves dedicated lifting days, as well as regular programming using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, strongman implements, sleds and tires. We squat heavy and pull hard with movements common to Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting and Strongman. Most athletes are hitting multiple PR’s on lifts throughout the year. We have equipment and weights for athletes at all levels.


The programming provided regularly targets the Aerobic Glycolysis pathway while still working with loaded implements. Several of our coaches have completed an Ironman (140.6 miles) or 50 miler trail races doing only CrossFit gym training for 90% of the training period. A significantly lower time commitment to produce the cardiovascular adaptation normally prescribed using conventional endurance programming without pausing on strength training.


Absolute strength is important, but what percentage of your strength can you use over and over for multiple minutes to hours at a time? CrossFit programming at its core will develop your ability to move from 20% to 60% your one rep maximum weight, quickly and safely, for many repetitions. This translates to many real world situations such as, climbing stairs, moving materail on a job-site, shoveling snow, backpacking, or any type of contact sport.


Life and Sports require the ability to run, jump, crawl, roll, and change directions without injury. The more our jobs require sitting for long periods of time the more critical it becomes to actively pressure our athletic base to avoid losing all together. By engaging in the gymnastics, plyometrics and object movements prescribed in our workouts you will notice your ability to move improve dramatically.


Stretching is what most people think of when they here about mobility, but that is only the surface. Our selection varied and dynamic movement patterns will increase your range of motion over time by simply doing them. Many motions such as putting your arms straight over your head, or being able to squat all the way to the floor without coming onto your toes are easily improved within our program.


Not every body is suited for every movement. Our experienced coaches are experts and not only spotting potential issues, but also providing safe alternatives to the primary movements prescribed for the day. Even if you are injured we can work with you to find effective alternatives. Our coaches have kept athletes fitness up while enduring cancer treatment or recovering from surgery

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Workout of the day

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Med Ball Carry

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Running Laps

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