Your Personal Introduction to CrossFit Training

Learn to Move

Our coach-led Fundamentals sessions will teach you the proper technique for the foundational movements that you'll see in our group CrossFit classes. These sessions can be scheduled as one-on-one sessions or with a small group.

The Fundamentals program consists of four one hour pre-structured personal training sessions. Your coach will review your fitness background and goals and then lead you through a different set of movements each session. Following the instructional portion of the session, you will participate in a CrossFit-style workout. The personal setting of these sessions allows your coach to fully asses the movements and intensity levels that are appropriate for you and set a basis for progression over time.

Completion of the Fundamentals classes are required if you do not have any CrossFit experience or are coming back from a multi-year break period. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

CrossFit Fundamentals Class


Greasing the groove

When we train, we establish and develop movement patterns. If the quality is high this leads to sustained growth, if it is poor it can create injuries. Starting with an understanding of what high quality movement looks and feels like for primary CrossFit movements will help establish better patterns early on. When good movement quality is present, we can safely progress in intensity and into more complex movements. If you have a lack of mobility due to being human or other limitations our coaches will provide effective alternatives or lower level progressions that will help you reach your goals.


At the heart of CrossFit is the barbell. Programming regularly involves dedicated lifting days to build a base of general strength. Regular programming also includes kettlebells, dumbbells, strongman implements, sleds, and tires. We squat heavy and pull hard with movements common to Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman. We have equipment and weights for athletes at all levels.

Cardio Capacity

Our programming targets all energy systems of the body, from the phosphagen system used in short sprints to the oxidative pathway that fuels longer endurance efforts. You'll find several Ironman and Ultramarathon finishers on the KCF team, many of whom crossed their finish lines using mainly CrossFit programming during their training blocks. We can produce results with a significantly lower time commitment than conventional endurance programming, without sacrificing strength training.

Strength Endurance

Absolute strength is important, but what percentage of your strength can you use over and over for multiple minutes to hours at a time? CrossFit will develop your ability to move weight quickly and safely for many repetitions. This translates to many real world situations including climbing stairs, moving material on a job site, shoveling snow, backpacking, contact sports, and many other activities.


Life and sports require the ability to run, jump, crawl, roll, and change directions without injury. The more our jobs require sitting for long periods of time, the more critical it becomes to actively pressure our athletic base to avoid losing it all together. By engaging in the gymnastics, plyometrics, and odd-object movements prescribed in our workouts, you will notice dramatic improvements in your ability to move.


Stretching is what most people think of when they hear about mobility, but that's only the surface. Our selection of varied and dynamic movement patterns will increase your range of motion over time. Many motions such as putting your arms straight over your head, or being able to squat all the way to the floor without coming onto your toes are easily improved within our program.


Not every body is suited for every movement. Our experienced coaches are experts at not only spotting potential issues, but also providing safe alternatives to the primary movements prescribed for the day. If you are working around an injury we can help you find effective alternatives.

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Workout of the day

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