Legends Class

Tailored to meet the needs of people age 60 and older

For the long haul

KCF Legends is a coach-led group fitness program specifically designed to meet the needs of people age 60 and older. The goal of this program is to promote health and longevity while maintaining independence.

The KCF Legends programming incorporates movement patterns that we do everyday, regardless of age; lift, push, pull, squat, and occasionally jump and throw. These movements enhance your ability to continue to carry out daily activities that might become more difficult as we age, such as climbing stairs, getting up from a couch, playing with grandchildren, and walking for long periods of time.

Improving strength, building muscle, and maintaining bone density are primary goals of the program.

These 60 minute classes meet three times per week and produce well rounded fitness that will increase, strength, cardiovascular health, and mobility. They are structured around a weekly and monthly conditioning plan so that you can safely train without injury.

Classes are led by 1-2 coaches who specialize in training this population. They will lead you through a three part session that includes a warm-up, a strength or skill session, and the workout of the day. Coaches monitor each member's form and make corrections and adjustments and modifications, as needed.

CrossFit Legends Class

Legends Programming

Community Planning

Our CrossFit Legends program is one of the longest running CrossFit programs in the country. Our coaches have an excellent understanding of what it takes to train safely and prevent injury so that you can maintain an active lifestyle. Participating in the program also provides a supportive community of people with similar goals and interests.

Work of the day


Med ball Carry

Med Ball Throw

Loaded Object and Coordination
Running laps

Sled Drag

Lower Body and Core Strength
Sandbag overhead carry

Tire Flips

Bend and Lifting Odd Objects
Team Workout


Cardiovascular Conditioning
Clean and Jerk Day

Sled Push

Lower Body and Core Strength
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