Life Changing Fitness

Fostering a thriving community that enthusiastically supports each other’s health and fitness goals.


Your health and fitness deserve to be a priority and you are worth the investment.

Kitsap CrossFit has variety of classes, class times, and training programs to suit your needs. KCF also has the most qualified training staff in all of Kitsap County to ensure that your personal safety and fitness needs are being met. Our coaches will empower you and guide you to strength you never knew you had. Our community will show you that KCF is a place where people care about one another and support each other to meet and exceed their goals.

Why We’re Different

Our CrossFit classes provide accountability and are energetic, community-driven, fun and effective!
Personal training sessions are custom tailored to your goals. Every session is different and created just for you!
Our nutrition program uses a science-based approach and provides real results that will last a lifetime!
Our coaching staff is passionate and educated and participates regularly in continuing education initiatives.
I love this place and these people, it’s basically my second home. The staff is excellent and they are interested in my success. The other members have made me feel right at home and it’s a great place to be myself. I have also made a few new friends here, which is great cause making new friends after 30 is hard! If you are looking for an amazing place to get fit, this is the pinnacle!

– Nick McCallum

I participated in my very first throwdown hosted by Dan and his KCF community and what I’ve got to say is wow!! Such a welcoming, fun and energetic crew to be working with and around. The shout outs during our workouts made such a substantial difference in attitude and I don’t know what it is about hearing your name and town called out but man, that helped me push harder than I feel I ever have before. Thank you guys for hosting and being such amazing, humble and genuinely awesome people.

– Cecilia Jones

I can’t say enough good things about KC. It didn’t take long for me to hit multiple PR’s the first month with their programming. Initially it was tough but the coached make it easy to have a good time while understanding your fitness goals. Thanks for everything guys!

– Justin Black

Mike, Rochelle, and Jermey made my daughter and I feel very comfortable with this new activity. My daughter is nine and she can’t wait for her next class. The entire group at Mission:Fit was friendly and welcoming to a crossfit first timer. I enjoyed it and will return by Tuesday.

– Kelli Finnigan McNees


The ultimate resources for health and fitness in Kitsap County. We foster a thriving community that enthusiastically supports each other's health and fitness goals.