Back squat
20 Minutes to build to a 5 rep max


“Strength Camp Crippler”

60 Box jump overs (24″/20″)
30 Back squats (60% of 1 rep max)
1 Mile echo bike

*No Barbell Option*
(For Strength Portion)
20 Minutes of tempo squats with any Weighted object(DB, KB, sandbag, etc.)
*5 Second descent, 5 second pause, 5 second ascent for every rep*

(For Metcon)
Choose any loading you have available for your 30 reps

*No Box Option*
Find any object to jump on and/or over, may also perform weighted step ups if unable to jump

*No Bike Option*
Sub in either a 600m run or row (1 mile on the bike is roughly 2:30 minutes)
if unable to run, finish with a 400m farmers carry or ruck (weighted pack)


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