30 Minute AMRAP
6 Stone to shoulder
4 Back squats
2 Legless rope climb

*200m Odd object carry/drag/push after each round*

Post total number of rounds to comments.


Congrats on the bearded hand stand pushup PR, Kaili!


Healthy Convenience Store Snacking

Fueling your body while on the go can be quite challenging. Convenience stores do an excellent job of making really unhealthy foods … well, convenient. If you slow down for just a few seconds, however and look around, you’ll see that nearly every convenience store offers some better choices. Here’s a list of 7 things you can choose that won’t blow your dietary plan out of the water.

Fresh fruit & vegetables – almost all stores now offer at least bananas and apples. Many also have baby carrots and celery.
Hard boiled eggs – great source of protein and dietary fat.
Deli meat – Turkey and ham are excellent protein sources that are lower in fat.
Beef jerky – great source of protein and usually fairly low in fat.
Cheese sticks – usually pretty balanced ratio of protein, carbs and fat.
Protein bars – look for these specific brands: Rx Bar, Think Thin or Clif Builder as they all offer quality sources of carbs, protein and fat.
Nuts & seeds – great sources of fat and some protein & carbs. Careful to eat just a small handful to hold you over. It’s really easy to overdo it on these.