5 Rounds for max reps
2 Minute AMRAP
Burpee box jumps (30″/24″)
Rest 1:00 between rounds

Accessory work:
400m Double KB front rack carry (53#/35#)
Every time you break, perform 10 double russian KB swings

Post number of reps completed to comments.

The Legends standing by waiting to start another great WOD.

Conduct An Energy Audit

(Written by Dan H.)

We all have those tasks or things that we do daily that just “suck the life out of us”. Conversely, we also have things that we do that totally invigorate us. What if … you could significantly reduce the number of “energy sucking” things you do and focus on the “energy giving” things?

While it’s probably not likely that you could completely eliminate all things that you don’t enjoy doing in your life, there are probably several things that you do that drain you of energy that you actually don’t have to do. Some of them you probably do by choice. Some, you could probably pass off to someone else to do.

You don’t really know what those things are until you sit down and try to identify them. I recently listened to a great podcast that helped identify some of my energy draining and giving things. You should give it a listen and then create your own list.

Two Brain Business Podcast: The Energy Audit

Here’s my Energy Audit: