4 Rounds, each for time
9 Hang power cleans (155#/105#)
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
21/16 Calorie bike
*Rest 3:00 between rounds*

Post times to comments.


KCF Legends putting in the work!

A Missed Week Won’t Make You Weak

One of the frustrating truths about fitness is that it is hard to gain and fairly easy to lose. By that I mean, it takes a fair amount of work to make improvements in your fitness. You have to work really hard and be quite dedicated for many weeks, months and even years. When you take a break from fitness, however, you can start to slide backwards relatively quickly.

Having said that, small breaks in training aren’t nearly as detrimental as many believe. I have heard people say, many, many times, “Ugh, I didn’t work out at all last week. I’m so out of shape, now.”

Time out! You do not lose all your gains in 1 week. If you have been training consistently for more than a few months, then it will actually take a few weeks for you to see significant losses in your fitness. You may feel a little bit sluggish, but you do not lose fitness in just a handful of days.

You might even be able to make the case that taking a week off could improve your fitness. How is that, you ask?

Our bodies repair themselves during periods of rest. If you are constantly “beating it down” with daily workouts, you don’t have an opportunity to rest and recuperate. So, taking a full week off of training could allow you the recovery your body is desperately seeking. Of course, other things you do during that week off could undermine your recover (overeating, drinking to excess, etc).

The moral of the story here is that you should not get down on yourself if you end up missing a week of training. You will not be starting back at zero when you start working out again. Your body may even thank you and reward you with a PR or two.