6 Minute AMRAP
2 Hang DB snatch(50#/35#)*per arm*
2 Toes to bar
8 Double unders
4 Hang DB snatch
4 Toes to bar
16 Double unders
6 Hang DB snatch
6 Toes to bar
24 Double unders

-Rest 2:00, THEN:
*Complete total reps straight through FOR TIME*

*No Dumbbell Variation*
Use any weighted object that you have available (water bottles, canned foods, KB, empty barbell, etc.)

*No Pullup Bar Variation*
Sub with v-ups, overhead bumper plate situps, or regular situps

*No Jump Rope Variation*
Perform penguin jumps to work timing of the jump and hands, jumping jacks, or mountain climbers


Nico enjoying a beautiful day on his paddle board.