12 Minute AMRAP
30 Toes to bar
60 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
90/60 Calorie bike

accessory work
3 Rounds of:
50 Banded pull aparts
1:00 Banded dead bugs
200m Heavy suitcase carry (switch arms every 100m)
*No rest between rounds*

*No Pullup Bar Variation*
Perform v-ups, knee tucks, straight leg raises, or regular situps as needed

*No Kettlebell Variation*
Use any weighted object that you can perform a swing with (DB, case of water, etc.), may also switch these to russian swings if your object isn’t safe to take overhead

*No Bike Variation*
Sub with the same cals on the row/ski or a 6:00 max distance run

*No Band Variation*
Perform reverse flies in place of pull aparts (20-40 reps depending on loading) and dead bugs can be completed without the band

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