Every 2:00 for 12:00 (6 sets)

Barbell lunges



12 Minute alternating EMOM

Odd minutes: 10 Russian kettlebell swings + 10 goblet squats (70#/53#)

Even minutes: 15/10 Calorie echo bike

*Every bike round, add 1 calorie to goal number to complete*

*No Barbell Variation*

Sub barbell lunges with any variation of a weighted lunge (DB’s, KB’s, loaded pack, etc.)

*No Kettlebell Variation*

Perform swings and goblet squats with any weighted object (DB’s, loaded bucket, case of water, etc.)

*No Bike Variation*

Sub with equal calories on any machine (bike, ski, etc.) or 10m shuttle runs (start these a little lower, something you can accomplish the first runs in roughly :30- :40)11 Min. AMRAP

Mission Fit *Home Editions*

11 Min. AMRAP

20 Side to Side Ski Jumps

10 Push-ups

5 Inch Worms (No Push-up)