Bench press


*After each set, perform max strict pull-ups*

Accessory work

3 Rounds of:

100ft Heavy farmers carry

Max rep double KB push-ups

1:00 Double KB front rack hold

*Rest as needed between attempts*

*No Barbell Variation*

Perform bench press with any weighted objects (DB’s, KB’s, sandbags, etc.), adjust reps and/or tempo as needed based on loading

*No Bench Variation*

Perform floor press with same weighted options as above

*No Pull-up Bar Variation*

Perform max rows based on equipment you have access to (ring rows, barbell rows, DB rows, etc.), add tempo/pause work as needed based on loading

*No Kettlebell Variation*

Perform KB pushups on any elevated surface to increase ROM (DB’s bumper plates, etc.) or sub with standard push-ups for max reps

Perform front rack hold with any weighted objects (DB’s, barbell, sandbag, etc.)

Mission Fit *Home Edition*

12 Min. AMRAP

10 Push-ups

20 Jumping Lunges

:30 Plank