3 Rounds for time
100m Double KB farmers carry (70#/53#)
50 Situps
100m Double KB front rack carry (53#/35#)
500m Row

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Let’s get it! 2020, you’re looking good!


PTs and Talk therapists can help you keep your New Years resolutions

What if for this year’s New Years resolution you were to choose to treat your body and your mind as well as you did your teeth? Think about, on average people go to the dentist 1-2 times per year and at least brush their teeth 1-2 times per day. From childhood we were taught good dental hygiene practices and those continue to be carried out as an adult. We brush, we floss, and we squish overly strong mouthwash through our teeth until our cheeks burn. This daily routine is kept up without a second thought because it is so widely expected and the normal thing to do. What if we started with ourselves now and showed the next generation that seeing a movement professional, like a physical therapist or seeing a psychologist “AKA talk therapist” at least once a year was a routine and expected thing to do? How many times have you gone to the dentist and they check your teeth to say, “For the most part things look great but you could make sure not to brush too aggressively at your gums “here” or make sure that you don’t skip your flossing “here.” They help you catch things BEFORE they are an issue and/or help you recognize areas that might be showing signs of turning into a concern. Granted, I hate going to the dentist WITH. A. PASSION. I need lots of lavender essential oil and positive self talk to keep me in the chair, but in the end I know it keeps my pearly whites in top notch health.

So as you look to set your New Years fitness and self-improvement resolutions, consider how a PT and a talk therapist could be key people to bring onto your 2020 team to help you stick to that goal. Seek out an injury screening to tease out that hip that needs to get a little stronger before you tackle your first half marathon. Sit down for your first talk therapy session and learn some ways to respond to that itty bitty shitty committee everyone has in back of their head. Learn ways to accept that those thoughts are just like a bad back seat driver. And hey guess what?! The back seat driver isn’t running the show. You are. Sometimes you might need to reroute or pull over to the side of the road, but point is you’re the one in control. Be part of the vision for 2020 and make physical care and mental care part of your routine care.

Disclaimer: this content is for educational and entertainment purposes only. This is not a replacement for the evaluation and treatment provided by a qualified health care provider.

-Kara Stadshaug PT, DPT, CLT, PHC, Kitsap Physical Therapy and Sports Clinics