Shawn Thumma



  • CrossFit Level Two Trainer

Shawn’s Biography

I joined the U.S. Navy after high school as a Hospital Corpsman. I was stationed in Rota Spain for two years, which was an amazing experience for a 20 year old. My second and final duty station was Beaufort, SC with a Marine F-18 squadron. During this time I expanded my Corpsman training and officially became a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 2003.

As a Paramedic I worked in nuclear cardiology for many years along with 911 ground ambulance services. In 2007 I got the break I had been working hard for, I was offered a job as a flight Paramedic. I enjoyed every second of this job in AZ responding to every imaginable type of emergency on the helicopter.

During this time I always had my eye on the pilots as I had dreamed of one day becoming a pilot. I worked my way through flight school and stepped away from being a Paramedic in 2015 when I started my career as an airline pilot. As my airline seniority improves, allowing for a better schedule, I plan to return to 911 ambulance service as well as flying.


Occupation: Airline Pilot

First CrossFit WOD: A horrendous mix of running, cleans, pull-ups and a few other things I can’t remember.

First thought after First CrossFit WOD: Trying not to puke in the AZ heat, “wow, that was hard but fun, and I’m seriously out of shape!

Before CrossFit I did: Taekwondo, road and mountain biking, raquetball, hiking.

Favorite CrossFit exercise: Toss up between rowing and double unders handstand walking.

Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Thrusters

I love Kitsap CrossFit because: The community, and the experience and dedication of the staff in helping our members improve their health, far beyond basic classes.

Most surprising accomplishment: Strict ring MU and HSW more than 25′.

Short Term Goals: Link together ring MU, improve consistency in HSW, faster kipping HSPU.

Long Term Goals: Keep my back healthy and to continue having fun chasing Carol until we are old and grey.

Hobbies: Flying and RC airplanes again someday.

Favorite food: Mexican food.

Freestyle: I’ve always been active, from flag football in middle school, track through high school and yes, dare I say, the marching band (I marched 8 miles in the New Years Tournamnet of Rose’s Parade in 1995.
When I started CrossFit in 2008 I had no idea what I was getting into. I soon realized CrossFit had it all. When I moved to WA and joined Kitsap CrossFit, I quickly expanded my fitness goals beyond CrossFit and have completed numerous Sprint Triathlons, 1 Olympic Distance and 1 half Ironman. I plan to complete my first full Ironman in 2019 with more to follow.


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