4 Rounds for max reps
4 Minute AMRAP
30/24 Calorie row
20 Alternating pistol squats
10 Handstand pushups
Max rep muscleups
*Rest 2:00 between rounds*

*No Rower Variation*
Sub with equal cals on any machine (bike, ski) or a 400m run

*No Pistol Squat Variation*
Perform high box step ups, pistols to a low target, or walking lunges

*No Handstand Pushup Variation*
Perform pike pushups in place or on a box, Z-press with any weighted object (barbell, DB’s, etc.), or hand release pushups

*No Muscleup Variation*
Alternate rounds of toughest pullup option you have available (chest to bar pull-ups, strict pull-ups, barbell rows, etc.)and dips the other rounds (rings, bar, bench, chair, etc.)


Now is as good of time as any to teach good. clean technique!