15 Minute AMRAP
5:00 max calorie row
4:00 max wall balls (20#/14#)
3:00 max hang DB snatch (50#/35#)
2:00 max lateral burpees over DB
1:00 calorie echo bike
*no rest between movements*

*No Rower Variation*
Same time on any machine (bike,ski, treadmill, etc.) or a 5:00 max distance run

*No Medicine Ball Variation*
Perform thrusters using any lightweight objects you have (DB’s, KB’s, slam ball, bumper plate, etc.)

*No Dumbbell Variation*
Use any handheld weighted object you have for snatches (KB, water bottle, soup cans, etc.)

*No Bike Variation*
Same time on any machine available (row,ski,treadmill, etc.)or 1:00 max rep 10m shuttle


Take your fitness outside!