Nick Roa



  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Weightlifting

Nick’s Biography

Age: 33

Occupation: Navy; Submarine Officer

First CrossFit WOD: It was a Hero WOD, JT (21-15-9 of HSPUs/Ring Dips/Push Ups)

First thought after First CrossFit WOD: I was in a bit of shock and a little worried about my physical well being as I lay there on the ground. I was totally demoralized, I scaled every movement and came in dead last by like 10 minutes. I could barely drive and when I got home I promptly threw up.

Before CrossFit I did: When I was in college I rowed light weight crew and in high school I swam but that all stopped when I graduated. Immediately before CrossFit I went through a fat phase for like five years where I worked out twice a year, whether I needed it or not, for the Navy Physical Readiness Test.

Favorite CrossFit exercise: Cleans

Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Rope Climbs… they really irritate me.

I love Kitsap CrossFit because: Great Community, awesome coaches, amazing athletes. I also appreciate the showers.

Most surprising accomplishment: I got back from deployment in December (2015) and PR’d my Back Squat out of the blue. It wasn’t a huge PR but it had been over two years since I’d made any progress in Back Squat.

Short Term Goals: Snatch 225#

Long Term Goals: Turn 40 and finish in the top 200 in the CrossFit open.

Hobbies: Cooking.

Favorite food: Grilled meats. I’m also on a pretty strict diet where I have to eat dessert pretty much every night.

Freestyle: I considered myself a high performance athlete in college. I could row as hard as I wanted for as long as I wanted. My pinnacle accomplishment was a 6:29 2000m row. I weighed 158 lbs (I used to cut weight for the team as it was light weight crew) and kinda thought I was unstoppable. After graduation I always figured I’d get into triathlons after I found some free time but I never found it. I also really missed the feeling of being part of a team and working out alone was never really an attractive option for me. Fast forward five years to 2010 and I was 215 lbs of ‘pure potential’ (thats what I used to call my fat). Looking back I now realize how unhealthy I was. Thankfully my younger brother called me out and got me to join a CrossFit gym. I was actually scared out of my mind when I first walked into that gym. I had quit way easier things in the past so I wasn’t optimistic. Unsurprisingly, things did not go well for a long time. I couldn’t even back squat my body weight. It was basically a year of humbling experiences; lots of scaling, usually coming in dead last. But it was the shared experience of pain, hardship, discomfort, etc that took me straight back to miserable work outs I had at the boat house or out on the water. That’s what kept me coming back, feeling miserable with good friends! The only thing I love more than doing CrossFit is coaching CrossFit. (Note: I love my wife and four year old boy more than CrossFit😀. Erika is a very talented photographer and Augustin is, well, four). None of this came naturally to me. Other than running and rowing all of this was foreign and new to me and there isn’t a single movement that I didn’t initially scale. I truly enjoy helping people through the same process of learning and discovery.


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