CrossFit Open Workout 18.1

20 Minute AMRAP
8 Toes to bar
10 DB Hang clean and jerks (50#/35#)
14/12 Calorie row

Post total number of rounds to comments.

The CrossFit Open is around the corner, time to revisit some fun workouts!


Hello, Have you Sweated Yet?

Have you ever put much thought into the way you greet people? A question like, “How are you?” is often just a habitual question that many times we don’t really care to know the answer to. What if we started asking a question that we actually wanted to know the answer to as our customary greeting?

In Asia, a very common greeting is, “Hello, have you eaten yet?” This stems from a time when food was scarce and eating daily meals was almost a luxury. As a friend or family member you were greatly interested in if someone had a chance to eat yet. If they had not, then you did everything in your power to help correct the situation and feed the person. Eating is tied to survival. You wanted your friends and family members to survive.

Exercise is also tied to survival … well, at least in a meaningful way. There are plenty of people who are alive that don’t exercise, but are they really thriving? What if we started asking people if they are prioritizing their health by getting regular exercise? Could we start to flip the minds of our culture to start embracing hard work in the form of daily exercise? Perhaps it’s a stretch, but isn’t it worth a shot?

What if, instead of a simple, “hello, how are you?” we started asking, “hello, have you sweated yet?”