“12 Days of Christmas”

100m Sprint
2 Clean and jerks(155#/105#)
3 Chest to bar pull-ups
4 Clapping pushups
5 Box jumps (30″/24″)
6 Overhead bumper plate situps (25#/15#)
7 Ring dips
8 Medicine ball cleans (20#/14#)
9 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
10 V-ups
11 Wall balls (20#/14#)
12 Broad jump burpees

*If you know the song, then you know how this goes!*

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Coach Carol gearing up for another tough workout!



In Crossfit, we know when the work starts. We usually countdown to “Go!”, then get after it, whether we are ready or not. We can plan ahead a little, wear the right shoes, grab knee sleeves, wrap our thumbs, etc., but it boils down to a brief couple minutes before the clock starts.

Life outside of the gym rarely lines up that way. Stressors hit us without warning. The “timing” never seems to be right. We feel like we need to have things aligned and ready before we can take the next step toward something. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: “I can’t put on that bathing suit until I lose weight”, or “I can’t sit down to relax with the kids until the kitchen is clean.” We are paralyzed by a false state of unpreparedness.

This has been my mentality for years. It has served me well to plan ahead financially, but in other aspects of life I’ve been unable to seize the moment because I “wasn’t ready”. With my work, I see people face their mortality everyday, and it makes me realize there has to be a lot more 3..2..1..GO in life! I’m not saying to throw all caution to the wind, but….
👉🏼 Cuddle with your loved ones when the chores aren’t quite done yet.
👉🏼 Sign up for that nutrition program you’ve been thinking about doing to help you get on track. (Shout out to @bepreppednow for amazing meal prep and @kitsapcrossfit for an awesome nutrition program)
👉🏼 Commit to that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on – buy the ✈️ tickets! (New Zealand anyone?)
👉🏼 Try that painting, climbing, or speaking class you’ve considered in the past.
👉🏼 Come try a Crossfit class 😉 and find out how capable you are!