23 Deadlifts (155#/105#)
23 Handstand push-ups
23 Back squats (155#/105#)
23 Burpees
23 Ground to overhead (155#/105#)

Mission Fit:

12 Minute AMRAP
Buy in: 50/40 calorie echo bike
Then, AMRAP:
9 Push-ups
15 Box jump overs
21 Sit-ups

Today’s WOD is a tribute to our dear friend, Lauriel Luther who lost a hard fought battle with brain cancer in 2014. Today is her Birthday!
You may be wondering about the rep scheme for today’s workout. Here’s a description of the workout that was written by Shawn Thumma when we first did this workout back in 2012:
This WOD was created, based on her Chemotherapy schedule of 5 days of Chemotherapy and 23 days off. It is a tough WOD, created for a tough lady! Lauriel exemplifies “TOUGH” for many reasons, but this one in particular was because she would never miss Crossfit because of Chemotherapy. I mean seriously, why should “Chemo Brain”, a massive dose of poison coursing through your veins, causing fatigue, nausea, memory lapses, trouble concentrating, short attention span, trouble multi-tasking, taking longer to finish simple tasks, being disorganized, slower thinking and processing and trouble remembering common words stop you from a Crossfit WOD? For the normal person, I just listed 8 and that doesn’t even include the radiation or the bi-weekly drug trial (IV infusion) which made her even more fatigued.