With a 20:00 running clock
Double unders (3x)
Bumper plate ground to overhead (45#/25#)

-Directly into:

Bumper plate overhead walking lunges (45#/25#)
Box jump overs (24″/20″)
*with the remaining time on the clock, perform a max calorie echo bike*

*No Jump Rope Variation*
Perform penguin hops, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. for either equal reps or time

*No Bumper Plate Variation*
perform movements with any weighted objects you might have available (DB’s, KB’s, sandbag, etc.)

*No Box Variation*
Sub with jumps on or over any object you may have at home (bench, chair, stairs, etc.)

*No Bike Variation*
Perform max calories on any machine you have (row, ski, etc.) or sub with a max distance run with the remaining time

Mission Fit *Home Editions*

5 Rounds For Time

20 Walking Lunges
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Plank Jacks