Every 1:30 for 12:00 (8 sets)

Box squats



12 Minute AMRAP

3 Rounds of:

400m Run

25 DB Goblet squats (50#/35#)

*With the remaining time on the clock, perform max rep DB box step-ups (50#/35#)(20″)*

*No Barbell Variation*

Perform box squats using any weighted objects (DB’s, KB’s, sandbag, etc.), adjust reps and/or tempo as needed depending on loading

*No DB Variation*

Perform goblet squats/step-ups using any weighted objects (KB, loaded pack, water jug, etc.), may also perform both movements with bodyweight only

*No Box Variation*

Perform step ups on any objects you have available (stairs, chairs, cooler, etc.)

Mission Fit *Home Edition*

3 Rounds For Time

400m Run

22 Jumping Lunges (total)

12 Inch Worms, no Push-up