Good lift.

When: Saturday, Dec 28th
Time: Sign-in at 11am, women lift at noon, men lift at 2pm’ish.
Cost: $15 for non-Kitsap CrossFit members

No Singlets
No Weigh-ins
No Pressure

This event is designed for lifters of all levels. We strongly encourage first time competitors to come out and give the awesome sport of Olympic Weightlifting a shot. Each athlete will be given 3 attempts for a maximum lift in the snatch as well as the clean and jerk. Your lifts will be judged to ensure there are no press outs and that the lifts meet the other requirements of a weightlifting meet.

If you are unfamiliar with the rules of weightlifting check out the IWF Rulebook, we will not follow every letter of the rulebook. The most pertinent pages are 3-5 and 14-16.

Awards: We will present “Spirit of the Meet” awards for the female and male lifters that demonstrate the true spirit of the competition. This is not determined by who lifts the most weight, but by who brings the most energy and fire to the competition. This award will be voted upon by a pre-selected “jury” of spectators and non-competing coaches.