Mission: Fit

Get in, Get out, Get fit!

Kitsap CrossFit is the original creator of Mission:Fit. This class is a 30-minute fitness blast built on the principle of short, high intensity workouts incorporating full-body exercises. The workout changes with every session, so it’s NEVER boring, ALWAYS challenging, and EXTREMELY effective.

Mission:Fit workouts utilize bodyweight movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and pull-ups; weightlifting movements using kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells as well as sprinting in the form of running, rowing and jumping rope. Every movement is selected for its direct effect on fitness.

Mission:Fit workouts are COACHED. This means that your instructor IS NOT working out with you, they are COACHING you. The coach teaches movements and then ensures that you are using proper technique and achieving the desired intensity level required to reach and even exceed your fitness goals in a safe manner.

Class Times: Monday – Friday 11:30 am

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be in good shape before starting Mission:Fit?

Answer: The Mission:Fit program can be scaled to meet the level of all participants. This means that a 70 year-old grandparent can participate in the same class as a 35 year-old triathlete and they will both get a great workout that is tailored to their current level of fitness.


How can I get a good workout in only 30 minutes?

Answer: Study after study has shown that the most effective workouts are short, high intensity workouts that incorporate strength training. Mission:Fit workouts maximize this principle, incorporating full-body exercises that will leave you feeling like you did 60-90 minutes worth of work in 30 minutes.


Do I need to do other workouts in addition to Mission:Fit?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on what your primary goals are. If your goal is to simply improve all aspects of your fitness, lose some weight, gain energy and self esteem then 2-3 Mission:Fit workouts per week will more than serve this purpose. If you have aspirations outside of Mission:Fit, for example racing a marathon or playing soccer, then Mission:Fit will serve as a great strength & conditioning supplement to your sports training that will improve your perfomance and recovery in your sport.


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