Age: 39Occupation: EMT, Emergency Room Tech, and studentFirst CrossFit WOD(other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): I have no clue but the first one I have recorded is timed rounds of deadlifts 225#, ball slams 30#, hand-release pushups. I got to round 9.

First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: I can’t walk and every time I cough, laugh or sneeze, I cry.

Before CrossFit I Did: Personal trainers, globo gyms, base gyms, P90X. Nothing really worked for me until I found CrossFit.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Cleans

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: I used to hate thrusters and burpees until I mentally got to the point where I push myself to do them no matter how much I don’t like the movement. Since I changed my mindset, there are no longer movements I don’t like. I also came to the realization that if I’m not good at a movement, I need to practice that movement until I am comfortable with it.

Most Surprising Accomplishment: HSPU without an AB Mat

Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit: I love my 0600 crew and they make the 35 mile drive, 5 days a week so worth it! I know I don’t say much, and when I do it’s usually some sort of snarky comment like “do the burpees start from the floor?” Silently I am cheering you all on! I like being in a community of like-minded people who push themselves, others, and have a sense of humor.

Short Term Goals: Ring Muscle Ups

Long Term Goals: Regionals and eventually The Games as a Master’s athlete

Favorite Food: Too many to list but for starters, coffee, donuts (fritters) and ice cream. Yes, all carbs and fat!

Favorite Activities Outside Of The Gym: Traveling with Lisa and our boys, exploring new places to eat, and smoking meats.

Share with us your “Why”: I began the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle because I saw how much effort Lisa was investing into being within physical standards for the Navy. At that time we were both overweight and out of shape. I refused to continue our unhealthy lifestyle while I saw her working so hard to reverse the effects of the poor choices we made. When I finally found CrossFit it transformed my life, health, and fitness. I love the way I feel both physically and mentally. Having some sort of mental ipecac while in school has really helped me succeed in my classes and mitigate stress. I enjoy training hard 5 days a week and I also enjoy my 2 rest days.