Age: 37Occupation: Clinical Psychologist (Mental Health Counselor)

First CrossFit WOD(other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): August 2013 – 15 minute AMRAP of ‘Diane’ According to my records I was able to hammer out one round and 19 reps with the weight/movements dramatically scaled – deadlifting 135 and doing push-ups with my feet on a 20″ box.

First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: These people are complete badasses. I can’t wait to come back.

Before CrossFit I Did: In high school I played football, but wrestling was really my sport. In college, I was part of a Capoeira club and played just about every intramural sport we could get a team together for (flag football, basketball, volleyball). I also spent a year as the mascot for the Ferris State University Bulldogs. Go DAWGS! After undergrad and during graduate school I was extremely inconsistent with my exercise, but managed to squeeze in a couple of marathons before becoming mostly sedentary for several years before joining KCF.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Handstand walks (only because I’m good at it) Snatch is my favorite movement that I’m bad at.

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: Sumo-deadlift high pull. It wreaks havoc on my elbows and always feels awkward.

Most Surprising Accomplishment: My first ring muscle-up was super exciting. I worked at it for a longtime, felt I had the strength, and when I finally got it, I was super proud of myself.

Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit: The persistent expectation of growth and the community built to make it happen. I also enjoy the ability to point out, to my children, specific people that are definitively stronger than me. It does wonders to breakdown gender stereotypes, age stereotypes, size stereotypes, etc.

Short Term Goals: Show up consistently, Pistol Squats, Reduce Body Fat Percentage

Long Term Goals: Rx all the girls, cross-country bike ride, 20 unbroken strict pull-ups

Favorite Food: I could eat tacos every day and never get sick of it

Favorite Activities Outside Of The Gym: Watching and discussing movies, exploring psychological concepts, being skeptical, cooking and eating with my family

Share with us your “Why”: The ‘why’s have built up over the years. I’ve got too many to list. I keep coming back because I trust the community to accept me where I’m at and challenge me to get better. I want as much of that as I can get. On a more practical note, I need KCF because my job’s primary demands involve being sedentary and having zero coworkers, and while I’m fairly comfortable with that, I know it’s unhealthy on many levels. The physical activity and social interaction are as vital to my mental and emotional health as they are to any aspect of my physical fitness.