Age: 47 (When the F did that happen?!)Occupation: Marketing Director for Virtuoso (a travel consortia)

First CrossFit WOD(other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): 5 rounds for time: 20 DUs, 10 med ball cleans, 5 burpees. My only notes from this are, “14lb med ball, 17:15 or so.” Apparently I was too winded to remember my time accurately.

First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: “Who stole the oxygen?” and “I hope I can figure out these double unders soon” (2.5 years on…see long term goals below)

Before CrossFit I Did: Balanced a glass of bourbon on my belly while watching The Biggest Loser on TV (not as much of a core workout as you might think). I walked uphill….sometimes…when elevators or escalators weren’t readily available (more of a mental challenge than physical).

Favorite CrossFit Movement: I think it’s a tie between box jumps and back squats. I think it’s because I can do both of these movements Rx most all the time, I like lifting big weights, and my wife is impressed I can jump that high.

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: The dreaded burpee. I’m not much for throwing my body on the floor unless it’s a flop at the end of a hellacious workout that Mike programmed (ie: most workouts).

Most Surprising Accomplishment: Placing second (scaled) with Ryan Walsh at Age is Just a Number competition. Thanks to Ryan for asking me to team up! If you’d told me three years ago I’d be in an exercise competition, my family and I would have laughed. It’s about the people you surround yourself with. I love that I finally found something that I always look forward to and continues to drive me to improve. BTW, if you ever see me where I don’t look happy while I’m working out or don’t smile or look like I want to strangle something, it’s probably because I’m thinking of that 5th workout (bonus round, if you will) from that competition.

Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit: The people. Both the staff and the athletes are inspiring to be around. It’s great to see people grow while pushing and supporting each other. It feels like KCF has a no “a-holes allowed policy” and I like that.

Short Term Goals: Improve pull-ups/chest to bar and shoulder strength (HSPUs, strict press, and the like). Have Dan take just 1 flattering photo of me where I look badass vs. tired/drained/winded/upside down. I realize it might take a whole workout, but it’s not like you’re developing film in a dark room anymore.

Long Term Goals: String together double-unders without whipping the crap out of myself and looking like I have some fetish (not judging).

Favorite Food: Ham. Who doesn’t like to just sit down to a nice smoked ham?! I’m kind of a foodie, so it’s impossible to pick a favorite, I could go on forever here, but I like cured meats. Carnivore.

Favorite Activities Outside Of The Gym: Hanging out with Grace, my 6 year old daughter is tops. I’m also usually building something. Right now it’s a reading shack for my wife Phedra and a bar in my backyard. (Look for a grand opening invitation this fall). I also build furniture and have various projects going on all at once. I don’t get out fly-fishing enough but I love it when I do.

Share with us your “Why”: Phedra and I had Grace a little later in life. Two people being relatively indecisive can lead to you being married 18 years and deciding to try and beat the clock at 40. Combine wanting to be healthy for your baby daughter with a family photo taken at Thanksgiving where I didn’t like what I saw (it appeared I had been stung by 100 bees): I wanted to make a change. Phedra had been at KCF since around 2010(?) and I never made time in my schedule to try it. I was probably intimidated by it and like many people, wrongly thought I had to get in shape before joining. Phedra kicked me in the butt knowing that my attempts at jogging, or biking, or going for walks would end as they always would…me getting bored with not seeing any progress. The truth is I never in my life was a fan of working out. I played some sports in school but never considered myself an athlete. I was in good shape in the Army, but that’s only because it was forced on you/had to force it on others. I found the physical training in the Army boring and just a necessary evil at 6am every day. That was also a lifetime ago.

There’s something different about CrossFit that got me hooked. First, during the baseline workout when I thought I was going to stroke-out on the tires out back trying to catch my breath, the coach explained to me that this happens to every single person that starts out and that if I stick with it 3 days a week I will see real progress relatively quickly. She was right! That’s the “best part about KCF” that came through…the people… pushing truth and encouragement at the same time. The second thing was the variety of the workouts…I was never getting bored! I still dislike running or certain movements/exercises, but they’re almost always paired up with something else or in a way that makes it interesting or challenging. The last reason I feel like I’m hooked for life is that there’s always room for improvement. I love how one day or one week I can feel like I really rocked it at KCF and then the next day or week totally schools me. Once you’ve been doing it awhile, you become more aware where your weak points are and you know where to re-focus. Knowing that “perfection” is unattainable but you can always make improvements and see progress (even small) keeps bringing me back. I also like knowing that I might be around a few more years for my family…that’s a good reason to keep coming back.