I’m a Registered Nurse. Labor & Delivery is my jam, but I also do sexual assault forensic exams and I’m excited to get to teach a couple groups of nursing students for OB clinical this fall too!
First CrossFit WOD (other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): 
I had to look this up, because all I remember are the power cleans! John and I did a few weeks of Mission Fit when we came back to KCF after starting with the 6-week challenge, but our first “regular WOD” was this:
3 rounds: 3 min AMRAP w/ 1 min rest between rounds: 3 power cleans, 6 front squats, 9 deadlifts
First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: 
It kicked my butt, but I realized I missed the barbell work!
Before CrossFit I Did:
Not enough for way too long. I played sports through middle and high school, but didn’t have any model for how to stay fit as an adult in an organized way. I tried Couch-to-5k a couple times, but always lost interest or ended up with some kind of knee/shin/ankle pain that “forced” me back into couch potato status within a couple weeks. I joined the Y for a little bit, but never felt like I knew what I “should” be doing, and didn’t have any sense of accountability for going in. Occasionally I’d grab a buddy and go hike ten miles to convince myself I was an active, healthy person despite being obviously overweight. I felt like crap and knew I should probably be doing more, but lacked the skills to do better on my own.
Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Ok, I’m going to lose some friends here but…I think burpee variations are fun! The ‘jump and clap’ thing feels silly sometimes, but burpee pullups? burpee box jumps? burpee over bar? All legit. Box jumps are also growing on me.
Least Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Double unders are my achilles heel right now, and I have zero love for them.
Most Surprising Accomplishment:
I can’t pick, but I can narrow it down to two:
1. I ran a mile in 6:25 after finishing Dan’s speed camp this summer! When I started CrossFit, I would use the run segment of basically any WOD as a rest period, and you could totally find me walking any segment of the lap not visible from the doors. I hadn’t run a mile unbroken in probably a decade before starting CrossFit, and I’ve never thought of myself as a runner. It’s been a long road, but totally gratifying to be able to slowly turn something I’ve always accepted as a weakness into a strength. It didn’t happen overnight, but the amount of progress that can happen incrementally is amazing.
2. My First Throwdown. Signing up to compete this last winter was a big step out of my comfort zone to begin with (as it was for SO many people, I know!) I was totally shocked to make it into the final, and finishing third was just beyond.
Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit:
It’s like all of the really fun things I remember about going to gym class, without the weird awkwardness of having to wear uniform short shorts. It’s just games with friends—show up, do the things, feel better, get stronger.
No matter who you are, there’s always someone to chase, and someone chasing you. When you surround yourself with people doing amazing things every day, it makes you wonder what you’re really capable of!
Short Term Goals:
I have a bunch of skills-related goals (the usual culprits: double-unders, linking toes-to-bar, handstands without the wall), but also figuring out what healthy maintenance looks like on the nutrition front; I’m learning to embrace strength, energy, and overall health as goals now that I’m not trying to lose weight.
Long Term Goals:
I’m dying to build a boat to tackle the Seventy48 race! …next year? In the real long term, I just want to keep having fun, finding new ways to challenge myself, and maintain a healthy balance.
Favorite Food:
Ask me this question every day and you’ll get a different answer! Right now I’m obsessed with roasted corn, because it’s that time of year. And pancakes, because always pancakes.
Favorite Activities Outside of The Gym:
Really anything outside! I picked up sweep rowing with a local club last summer, and that’s been a ton of fun. I also love paddling around on a SUP or kayak, and looking for sea critters out in the bay. I love starting knitting projects and then tucking them into bags and boxes instead of finishing them.
Share with us your “Why”:
Self-care. I really do consider it a privilege to do what I do professionally, but it can be physically and emotionally demanding. This gives me a place to channel that energy, and also an opportunity to claim some time every day to focus on taking care of my own needs.

Also, it totally works.  I just show up most days, play with friends, and eat appropriately (well, most of the time haha) and I feel fantastic. I’ve also lost 50 pounds of fat and gained almost ten pounds of muscle mass in just shy of two years (I just had to dig up my original vs more recent InBody and check my math like ten times because *really?!*). This, coming from the girl who couldn’t finish Couch-to-5k because motivation is hard. The difference: this community, 100%. We’re all working on our own goals, but essentially all chasing “wellness,” and a great team makes hard work fun!