Getting Started

Kitsap CrossFit offers group classes and 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Those familiar with the CrossFit methodology, and proficient in core CrossFit movements, can begin with any program option after completing their free Intro session. All others who wish to participate in our group classes must enter through our Fundamentals Program.

Schedule an Intro

Call or email us to schedule your FREE 1-on-1 introductory appointment. This complimentary 1-hour appointment is mandatory for all new Kitsap CrossFit members, including seasoned CrossFit athletes. The Intro enables us to assess your abilities and athletic history to lay the foundation to best meet your fitness goals. It also allows you to meet our coaches and get a taste of what Kitsap CrossFit is all about before joining. During the session we will explain the CrossFit methodology and history, class and programming structure, and guide you through our baseline workout. 

Print a KCF waiver

Print a KCF Kids waiver

Fundamentals Program

If you are new to CrossFit, the next step after your Intro session is fundamentals. Our Fundamentals Program is a series of personal training sessions geared towards generally active individuals who want to progress to our group classes. In each session you’ll learn and practice a series of core CrossFit movements, complete a CrossFit workout, learn more about our program and most importantly, have a great time. Upon completion, you will be ready to join any of our group classes.

Group CrossFit Classes

Following our Fundamentals Program, Group Classes are where you will take your pursuit of elite fitness to the next level, ultimately working toward mastering the skills of advanced CrossFit movements and techniques. These classes are intense and require physical and mental dedication, but they are scalable to all levels. Month-to-month membership and punchcards options are available.

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are a great option for those needing more individual attention to fine tune movements or for anyone who wants to improve specific skills. Personal training can focus on weight loss, general fitness, sport-specific strength & conditioning or competitive CrossFit, as well as nutrition education and accountability. These sessions can be scheduled with a coach of your choice and are 30 or 60 minutes in length.


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