Overhead squat
20 Minutes to build to a 3 rep max


With a 10 minute clock:

Calorie bike
Toes to ring
*With the remaining time, max rep overhead squats (95#/65#)*

Power Hour:

Teams of 2

“31 Heroes”

31 Minute AMRAP
8 Thrusters (155#/105#)
6 Rope climbs
11 Box jumps (30″/24″)
*1 Person works, 1 person completes 400m run w/bumper plate (45#/25#)

Post load, time and number of rounds completed to comments.


Felicia J. tossing the wall ball around!


What’s Your Story: Felicia Jepsen

Why did you join Kitsap CrossFit?
I joined Kitsap Crossfit for a pretty simple reason. I had been wanting to try it for awhile but KCF was the only place that had hours that could work with my schedule. I’m either at 5am or 6pm and it’s on the road to/from my work.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
I would have to say my biggest accomplishment would be running 3 miles without stopping. The actual workout was run 1.5 miles, do 100 burpees then run another 1.5 miles…oh and wear the weighted vest. I was still on the mend from my back injury so I wasn’t doing the burpees. I elected to just run. I had not run that far without stopping since high school and it felt AMAZING!

What are you working on now?
Im working on pretty much everything right now, but my main thing is my confidence. I hurt my back and I went from coming in 4 times a week to 4 times a month. It was such a blow to know that every workout I did, I would be debilitated with pain the next day and I almost quit. I’m slowly getting back to normal and my confidence is building really slowly. If I put a goal for myself, its to rope climb by the end of the year.

What is your favorite KCF memory?
My favorite memory is actually a pretty recent one. It was a team power hour workout. I usually try to get a team member who skill level is like me…but there was no one…and I was dreading it. The only other people were seasoned people who Rx everything…and me. I thought about just saying I can do it myself so I would not slow anyone down. But Ben Morgan didnt hesitate to be my partner. He motivated me through the weights and I ended up motivating him through the burpees. He didn’t make me feel like there was a difference at all with skill level and we killed it!

What motivates you to continue training at Kitsap CrossFit?
What motivates me to come to go to KCF is simple. Left to my own comfort zone, I would use an elliptical at a YMCA then go home. I wouldn’t have amazing coaches making me do things that scare & challenge me. Lifting weights would be for “other people”. No workout is the same and people are only here to make fitness gains and to support you doing the same thing.