20 Minutes to build to a 1 rep max


“Sugar Daddy”
Deadlift (225#/155#)
*400m Run after each round*

“TEX”essory work:
Bicep curls
Skull crushers
*Mirror recommended*
(Courtesy of Coach Jeremy)

*No Barbell Variation*
Use any weighted object that you can perform deadlifts with (DB’s, KB’s, sandbag, etc.)
For the strength portion also consider using pauses, tempos, and/or bands to create more resistance and time under tension if the loading is on the lighter side

*No Run Variation*
Sub with equal time on a bike, ski, row or bike trainer (roughly 2-2:30)


20 Minute AMRAP
30 Power snatch(135#/95#)
60 Bar facing burpees
20 Overhead squats(135#/95#)
40 Bar facing burpees
Max rep squat snatch(135#/95#)

*No Barbell Variation*
Use any weighted object for snatches and overhead squats (DB, KB, etc.)
*If no weighted objects are available, use a PVC pipe or broomstick for all snatch related movements

If this one doesn’t say “Coach Jeremy,” I’m not sure what does.