16 Alternating DB snatch (70#/50#)
15/12 Calorie echo bike
24 Pullups
50ft Handstand walk

-Directly into:

16 Alternating DB snatch
15/12 Calorie echo bike
12 Chest to bar pull-ups
50ft Handstand walk

-Directly into

16 Alternating DB snatch
15/12 Calorie echo bike
6 Bar muscleups
50ft Handstand walk

(Courtesy of Coach Carol)

*No Dumbbell Variation*
Sub with either a barbell snatch (should be on the moderate side like 95/65 or 115/75) or any weighted object you have available (KB, sandbag, etc.)

*No Bike Variation*
Perform equal time on any machine available (rower,ski, treadmill, etc.) or a 200m run

*No Pullup Bar Variation*
Perform 3 different types of rows/pulls with each round increasing in difficulty (ex:24 ring rows, 12 pause ring rows, 6 pause ring rows w/feet elevated, etc.) *This also goes for those that have a pullup bar but maybe not all the movements, each round your pullup option should increase in difficulty*

*No Handstand Walk Variation*
Perform handstand shoulder touches, high hip shoulder touches either on the floor or on a box, or high hip bear crawls


25 Minute AMRAP
5 Deadlifts (315#/225#)
15 Box jumps (24″/20″)
25 Wall balls (20#/14#)
*At 0:00, 8:00, and 16:00, perform a 1k row*

*No Barbell Variation*
Use any weighted objects available for deadlift(DB, KB, loaded pack, etc.)*if the weight is on the lighter side, up the reps to 10 per round*

*No Box Variation*
Use anything that you can jump on (bench, stairs, bucket, etc.) or perform broad jumps

*No Medicine Ball Variation*
Sub with light thrusters using any weights you have (DB’s, KB’s, water bottles, etc.)

*No Rower Variation*
Sub with equal time on any machine available (bike, ski, treadmill, etc.) or an 800m run


Good one, Coach Carol!