20 Minute alternating EMOM
Odd minutes: 3 squat cleans (AHAP)
Even minutes: 12 bar facing burpees

*No Barbell Variation*
Use any object that you can perform cleans with (DB’s, KB’s, sandbag, loaded pack, etc.), if the weight is on the lighter side, up the reps per round

Power Hour:

Shoulder to overhead
20 Minutes to build to a 1 rep max


2019 CrossFit Games Event 2

“Second Cut”
800m Row
66 Double kettlebell jerks (35#/26#)
132ft Handstand walk

*No Barbell Variation*
Use any weighted objects for shoulder to overhead (DB’s, KB’s, sandbag, etc.), change variation of the lift based on the loading

*No Rower Variation*
Sub with equal time/distance with any bike, ski, or run

*No Kettlebell Variation*
Sub with any light, handheld weighted objects (DB’s, empty barbell, soup cans, etc.)

*No Handstand Walk Variation*
Sub with wall walks/shoulder touches (number will vary based on athlete), or equal distance high hip bear crawl


Smile through the struggle!