Skill Work:

For load: Snatch 1RM
Build to a heavy 1-rep squat


10 Rounds For Time:
1 Power Snatch (185/125#)
3 Overhead Squats

Mission Fit:

For Time

600m Run

Then 5 Rounds
10 Medball Cleans
10 Burpees

600m Run

KCF Shoutout!

Jo just completed our 6-Week Challenge + 2 weeks of group classes and she is already seeing great results. She’s feeling better, has more energy and is moving the needle in the right direction.

Her most recent InBody scan showed that she increased her muscle mass by 3lbs and decreased her body fat by 2%. These are amazing, sustainable results that she’ll be able to build upon for long term success.

Way to go, Jo. It’s so good seeing you back in the mix here at Kitsap CrossFit.