3 Attempts at a 1 rep max
Back squat
Shoulder press

Power Hour:

100/80 Calorie row
80 Wall balls (20#/14#)
60 DB Snatch (50#/35#)
40 Burpee box jump overs(30″/24″)
20 Bar muscleups

Post total and time to comments.


Time to test the Total!


Fitness Myth: #3

Lifting weights will make you bulky
Occasionally we’ll have some folks tell us they don’t want to do CrossFit or lift weights in general, because they are worried they’ll get “bulky”, meaning overly-muscular. The reality is that getting “bulky” or adding significant amounts of muscle mass is really, really hard. It takes years of dedicated and very specific work as well as a maniacal commitment to nutrition. Ask anyone who has prepped for a bodybuilding or figure competition and they will tell you that gaining mass (bulk) is harder than losing weight.
Having said that, if you lift weights regularly, like we do in CrossFit, you will gain some muscle mass. If you’re lucky (and eat well), at the same time you will lose some fat mass and this will make those hard earned muscles more visible. So, you will look more muscular, but not bulky.
People like to point to well known CrossFit¬†athletes, like our friend Jennifer Hunter-Marshall and say, “See, I don’t want to look like that.” Well, here’s the truth, that’s not from CrossFit. When you see CrossFit athletes that are super jacked, they likely had a bodybuilding background prior to CrossFit and also likely continue to do some bodybuilding style of training to maintain that physique … along with a continued maniacal commitment to nutrition. That doesn’t just happen as a result of doing “Fran”.
At the end of the day, what’s more important, what your body looks like or what it can do? If you want to improve your overall fitness and health, you should focus on the latter and then let your body respond in the way it’s going to respond, and embrace it.