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8 Rounds for Max Reps

2 Minute AMRAP
25/20 Calorie bike
Max rep power snatch (95#/65#)
*2 Minute rest between rounds*

Power Hour

Back Squat
15 Minutes to work up to a heavy single


20 Back squats (225#/155#)
2000m Row
20 Back squats (225#/155#)

Post total number of reps and time to comments.

Sun’s up, bar’s up!


KCF Intramural Open 2019

We host a few “events” each year that end up being really memorable for our community. One “event” that seems to really resonate with people is the CrossFit Open. I put the word event in quotation marks, because it’s not just a one-time thing … the party lasts for 5 weeks!

Okay, what is the CrossFit Open? If you are new to CrossFit, you may or may not know that CrossFit is also a sport. The CrossFit Open is the first step to qualifying for the CrossFit Games, aka the world championship of CrossFit.

The CrossFit Open is an opportunity for folks around the world to compete on the same virtual stage. Last year over 400,000 people participated, to include 140 or so from Kitsap CrossFit.

How does it work?

Well, the first thing you need to do is register for the CrossFit Open. The cost is $20. Then, put your name on the whiteboard at the gym so everyone can see who is signed up.

On Feb 11th, we will host a Draft on Facebook Live. Here our 5 team captains will randomly select names out of a box to determine who is on their team. Because it’s a random draw, you don’t have to worry about being selected first or last, it’s totally luck of the draw.

This initial draft will determine teams, but folks who enter after the draft will be placed on a team on a rotating basis.

While the CrossFit Open is a competition to help determine who the fittest person in the world is, you don’t have to be super fit to participate. It really is for everyone. There is an Rx division as well as a Scaled division and there are age groups as well.

We have structured the KCF Intramural Open in a way that every single person can contribute to their team. It’s not just about performance. Here are the ways you can contribute:

Do The WOD – 1 point
Come to the Thursday 6pm event – 1 point
Dress up in costume – 1 point (check out photos from Spirit Animal Week)
Place in the Top 3 of Rx/Scaled Division – 1 point
Hit a new PR – 1 point
Spirit of the Open – 1 point
Use #KCFOpen2019 on social media – 5 Team Points (if 5 team members use the #)

So, as you can see, only 1 category is determined by performance. Most are just about being involved in the spirit of the event. You can literally only help your team, you can’t hurt your team.

Team Gear
This year, as a show of unity and to make things simpler, we are coming up with 1 design for t-shirts and teams will be designated by the color of their shirt. Our goal is to order shirts so they are here by the start of the Open, which is Feb 21st. So, we will be placing the order on Feb 13th. This is why we encourage you to register BEFORE the draft. This will make getting the gear to you much easier.

We will be posting more info about the Open. You are likely going to hear about the Open ad nauseum, sorry, we just get a little excited about it. The most amazing things happen during the Open and we just want everyone to be a part of it.

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime click this link and register.