Calling ALL those interested in competing! Kitsap CrossFit will re-open its Competitor’s Class. This class will be open to ANYONE with aspirations of competing. Whether it’s a local throwdown, the Open, Regionals, or the Games; we can and will help you to prepare and improve.

The class will run for 12 weeks and will cost $150. Once you sign up, the first step will be filling out an athlete questionnaire, listing (known) 1 rep maxes on several lifts, benchmark WOD times, and stating a 3, 6, and 12 month goal. These goals will need to be realistic, specific and concise in words and numbers.

We will also identify your strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a plan to strategically work your weaknesses while also maintaining your strengths. You will receive semi-personalized programming that will supplement your regular CrossFit classes and Olympic lifting classes. Classes will meet three times per week on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and Saturdays at 12pm.

Classes will be coached but not every class will have a high intensity metcon. These classes are times for you to work on skills, increase strength, learn to strategize WODs, and have watchful eyes on you to help you learn, improve, and get you prepared for your competition.

The first 12 week segment will officially start November 4 – January 31 and is geared to prepare you for the Open which should start in March 2014. Those interested should sign up ASAP to get the athlete questionnaire complete so we can build a plan for you when November 1 rolls around.

Register by clicking here: Competitors Class Registration