KCF Athlete Profile: Laura F.

KCF Athlete Profile: Laura F.

I’m a Registered Nurse. Labor & Delivery is my jam, but I also do sexual assault forensic exams and I’m excited to get to teach a couple groups of nursing students for OB clinical this fall too!
First CrossFit WOD (other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): 
I had to look this up, because all I remember are the power cleans! John and I did a few weeks of Mission Fit when we came back to KCF after starting with the 6-week challenge, but our first “regular WOD” was this:
3 rounds: 3 min AMRAP w/ 1 min rest between rounds: 3 power cleans, 6 front squats, 9 deadlifts
First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: 
It kicked my butt, but I realized I missed the barbell work!
Before CrossFit I Did:
Not enough for way too long. I played sports through middle and high school, but didn’t have any model for how to stay fit as an adult in an organized way. I tried Couch-to-5k a couple times, but always lost interest or ended up with some kind of knee/shin/ankle pain that “forced” me back into couch potato status within a couple weeks. I joined the Y for a little bit, but never felt like I knew what I “should” be doing, and didn’t have any sense of accountability for going in. Occasionally I’d grab a buddy and go hike ten miles to convince myself I was an active, healthy person despite being obviously overweight. I felt like crap and knew I should probably be doing more, but lacked the skills to do better on my own.
Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Ok, I’m going to lose some friends here but…I think burpee variations are fun! The ‘jump and clap’ thing feels silly sometimes, but burpee pullups? burpee box jumps? burpee over bar? All legit. Box jumps are also growing on me.
Least Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Double unders are my achilles heel right now, and I have zero love for them.
Most Surprising Accomplishment:
I can’t pick, but I can narrow it down to two:
1. I ran a mile in 6:25 after finishing Dan’s speed camp this summer! When I started CrossFit, I would use the run segment of basically any WOD as a rest period, and you could totally find me walking any segment of the lap not visible from the doors. I hadn’t run a mile unbroken in probably a decade before starting CrossFit, and I’ve never thought of myself as a runner. It’s been a long road, but totally gratifying to be able to slowly turn something I’ve always accepted as a weakness into a strength. It didn’t happen overnight, but the amount of progress that can happen incrementally is amazing.
2. My First Throwdown. Signing up to compete this last winter was a big step out of my comfort zone to begin with (as it was for SO many people, I know!) I was totally shocked to make it into the final, and finishing third was just beyond.
Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit:
It’s like all of the really fun things I remember about going to gym class, without the weird awkwardness of having to wear uniform short shorts. It’s just games with friends—show up, do the things, feel better, get stronger.
No matter who you are, there’s always someone to chase, and someone chasing you. When you surround yourself with people doing amazing things every day, it makes you wonder what you’re really capable of!
Short Term Goals:
I have a bunch of skills-related goals (the usual culprits: double-unders, linking toes-to-bar, handstands without the wall), but also figuring out what healthy maintenance looks like on the nutrition front; I’m learning to embrace strength, energy, and overall health as goals now that I’m not trying to lose weight.
Long Term Goals:
I’m dying to build a boat to tackle the Seventy48 race! …next year? In the real long term, I just want to keep having fun, finding new ways to challenge myself, and maintain a healthy balance.
Favorite Food:
Ask me this question every day and you’ll get a different answer! Right now I’m obsessed with roasted corn, because it’s that time of year. And pancakes, because always pancakes.
Favorite Activities Outside of The Gym:
Really anything outside! I picked up sweep rowing with a local club last summer, and that’s been a ton of fun. I also love paddling around on a SUP or kayak, and looking for sea critters out in the bay. I love starting knitting projects and then tucking them into bags and boxes instead of finishing them.
Share with us your “Why”:
Self-care. I really do consider it a privilege to do what I do professionally, but it can be physically and emotionally demanding. This gives me a place to channel that energy, and also an opportunity to claim some time every day to focus on taking care of my own needs.

Also, it totally works.  I just show up most days, play with friends, and eat appropriately (well, most of the time haha) and I feel fantastic. I’ve also lost 50 pounds of fat and gained almost ten pounds of muscle mass in just shy of two years (I just had to dig up my original vs more recent InBody and check my math like ten times because *really?!*). This, coming from the girl who couldn’t finish Couch-to-5k because motivation is hard. The difference: this community, 100%. We’re all working on our own goals, but essentially all chasing “wellness,” and a great team makes hard work fun!

Former KCF Member Attempts World Record

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Major Steven Burkett recently attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most weight lifted by kettlebell swing in 1 hour. He was shooting for 950 swings. He fell a little short, but he put up one hell of an effort.

Steve was a dedicated member of the KCF 6am crew a few years ago. He was always a pleasure to have in our classes. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives this another go and absolutely smashes the record.

My 30-Day Reset: Olivia Morris

(This post was written by Olivia Morris)

We’ve heard it before. If you want to make a positive fitness and health change in your life, the right tools are found in a crossfit box. I knew that already. In the past I found myself in multiple boxes, frustrated that I was unable to find traction in these two areas. I knew the importance of “eating healthy” but I didn’t make the effort to understand what that meant for me specifically. Bless my heart, I was too busy pouting that I couldn’t do gymnastic movements or run a sub 10 minute mile. Imagine that.

Fast forward a year or two, a move across the country and enter Kitsap Crossfit. Here, the message changed. It was very clear: Take responsibility, put in the work and TRY. Why this was a revolutionary idea to me, I don’t know, but what I can tell you is it worked. First it was My First Throwdown, the Open and then a sub 10 minute mile run. I looked up one day and realized that I was checking movements and inches off my goal list so I wanted to know what else I could do. When we picked up Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf for the first book club, I immediately knew that I wanted to give the 30 Day Reset a try to prove to myself that I could see a challenging commitment through to the end. The rules were simple: paleo friendly protein, healthy fats and vegetables for 30 days.

Let me be the first to say, I love carbs. All of them. So wiping them out of my diet and replacing them with solely vegetable-based carbs, even for just 30 days, was terrifying. And I certainly let everyone know. The whole week before kicking this thing off I mourned my carbs. I did this to the point to someone actually said to me, “it sounds like you’re heading to the electric chair, honestly.” It’s also important to mention that I don’t like vegetables, so you can see my dilemma with this one. Low and behold, that wasn’t entirely accurate. The most valuable thing I got out of this challenge was discovering new, whole foods that I loved. Even just two months ago, I wouldn’t have touched a bell pepper to save my life. Today, I could probably run a Bell Peppers Anonymous club out of my kitchen because I single handedly support that industry at the moment. All joking aside, I walked away 30 days later with a much more positive outlook on vegetables and healthy carbs. At the end of the challenge, you “test” back in carbs such as sweet potato or quinoa but because I really do love my new diet, I have chosen to simply continue with my vegetable carbs for now.

My wins weren’t only in the kitchen, though. Within a week I noticed a dramatic different in my quality of sleep. I used to blame not sleeping well on being a light sleeper but take out processed foods and I have been sleeping solidly. I stopped tossing and turning, waking up during the night and was waking up a much kinder person in the morning. I also learned that eating food shouldn’t be an “experience.” Around day 15, Scott and I went to a Mariner’s game. I literally looked over at him as he was buying the tickets and said, “Is it even worth going if we can’t eat what we want at the game?” Looking back, I understand how absurd that sounds but it’s true, isn’t it? Often times activities or even whole days are centered around what, when or where we are going to eat. I had to shift my thinking from food as a part of my day to just being fuel so I can carry on and enjoy the people, places and experiences around me.

Did the challenge pull off a few more pounds? Yes. Did I get into a pant size I honestly didn’t plan on wearing again? Yes. But more than that, it added the missing piece for me. I am showing up at the box and am much more confident tackling those gut-checking workouts because I am also learning to do the right work in the kitchen, as well.

Show Up & Do The Work

Show Up & Do The Work

Check out the latest episode of The Victory and The Struggle Podcast. In this episode, Dan & Matt interview KCF Member, Phedra Elliott. She has been a CrossFit athlete for more than 8 years. You might assume that means that she is an absolute fanatic about CrossFit and exercise in general. The reality is, she’s not really a fan of CrossFit or exercising in general. She does it because she realizes it is a means to an end. She wants to be healthy and live a long life and she recognizes that in order to do that she needs to be fit and healthy.Listen to the interview to hear how Phedra motivates herself to do something, almost daily that she doesn’t really love.

Phedra Elliott: Show Up & Do The Work

KCF Athlete Profile: Matt E.

Age: 47 (When the F did that happen?!)Occupation: Marketing Director for Virtuoso (a travel consortia)

First CrossFit WOD(other than “Baseline” or Fundamentals): 5 rounds for time: 20 DUs, 10 med ball cleans, 5 burpees. My only notes from this are, “14lb med ball, 17:15 or so.” Apparently I was too winded to remember my time accurately.

First Thought After First CrossFit WOD: “Who stole the oxygen?” and “I hope I can figure out these double unders soon” (2.5 years on…see long term goals below)

Before CrossFit I Did: Balanced a glass of bourbon on my belly while watching The Biggest Loser on TV (not as much of a core workout as you might think). I walked uphill….sometimes…when elevators or escalators weren’t readily available (more of a mental challenge than physical).

Favorite CrossFit Movement: I think it’s a tie between box jumps and back squats. I think it’s because I can do both of these movements Rx most all the time, I like lifting big weights, and my wife is impressed I can jump that high.

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: The dreaded burpee. I’m not much for throwing my body on the floor unless it’s a flop at the end of a hellacious workout that Mike programmed (ie: most workouts).

Most Surprising Accomplishment: Placing second (scaled) with Ryan Walsh at Age is Just a Number competition. Thanks to Ryan for asking me to team up! If you’d told me three years ago I’d be in an exercise competition, my family and I would have laughed. It’s about the people you surround yourself with. I love that I finally found something that I always look forward to and continues to drive me to improve. BTW, if you ever see me where I don’t look happy while I’m working out or don’t smile or look like I want to strangle something, it’s probably because I’m thinking of that 5th workout (bonus round, if you will) from that competition.

Best Part About Kitsap CrossFit: The people. Both the staff and the athletes are inspiring to be around. It’s great to see people grow while pushing and supporting each other. It feels like KCF has a no “a-holes allowed policy” and I like that.

Short Term Goals: Improve pull-ups/chest to bar and shoulder strength (HSPUs, strict press, and the like). Have Dan take just 1 flattering photo of me where I look badass vs. tired/drained/winded/upside down. I realize it might take a whole workout, but it’s not like you’re developing film in a dark room anymore.

Long Term Goals: String together double-unders without whipping the crap out of myself and looking like I have some fetish (not judging).

Favorite Food: Ham. Who doesn’t like to just sit down to a nice smoked ham?! I’m kind of a foodie, so it’s impossible to pick a favorite, I could go on forever here, but I like cured meats. Carnivore.

Favorite Activities Outside Of The Gym: Hanging out with Grace, my 6 year old daughter is tops. I’m also usually building something. Right now it’s a reading shack for my wife Phedra and a bar in my backyard. (Look for a grand opening invitation this fall). I also build furniture and have various projects going on all at once. I don’t get out fly-fishing enough but I love it when I do.

Share with us your “Why”: Phedra and I had Grace a little later in life. Two people being relatively indecisive can lead to you being married 18 years and deciding to try and beat the clock at 40. Combine wanting to be healthy for your baby daughter with a family photo taken at Thanksgiving where I didn’t like what I saw (it appeared I had been stung by 100 bees): I wanted to make a change. Phedra had been at KCF since around 2010(?) and I never made time in my schedule to try it. I was probably intimidated by it and like many people, wrongly thought I had to get in shape before joining. Phedra kicked me in the butt knowing that my attempts at jogging, or biking, or going for walks would end as they always would…me getting bored with not seeing any progress. The truth is I never in my life was a fan of working out. I played some sports in school but never considered myself an athlete. I was in good shape in the Army, but that’s only because it was forced on you/had to force it on others. I found the physical training in the Army boring and just a necessary evil at 6am every day. That was also a lifetime ago.

There’s something different about CrossFit that got me hooked. First, during the baseline workout when I thought I was going to stroke-out on the tires out back trying to catch my breath, the coach explained to me that this happens to every single person that starts out and that if I stick with it 3 days a week I will see real progress relatively quickly. She was right! That’s the “best part about KCF” that came through…the people… pushing truth and encouragement at the same time. The second thing was the variety of the workouts…I was never getting bored! I still dislike running or certain movements/exercises, but they’re almost always paired up with something else or in a way that makes it interesting or challenging. The last reason I feel like I’m hooked for life is that there’s always room for improvement. I love how one day or one week I can feel like I really rocked it at KCF and then the next day or week totally schools me. Once you’ve been doing it awhile, you become more aware where your weak points are and you know where to re-focus. Knowing that “perfection” is unattainable but you can always make improvements and see progress (even small) keeps bringing me back. I also like knowing that I might be around a few more years for my family…that’s a good reason to keep coming back.

Sophie’s Success

Sophie has been putting in a lot of hard work and it shows (check out the video below). Her story is a testament to just how important nutrition is. While her overall fitness was improving she wasn’t seeing the body composition or daily energy boost that she was hoping for … until she changed her diet. Working with Cade in the first Macros Camp, Sophie got it dialed in and then the results started flying in.

Over the next few weeks, Kitsap CrossFit will be stepping up it’s Nutrition Game even more. We are partnering with a Registered Dietitian out of Florida who will help us revamp our offerings. This will allow us to reach more than just a handful of folks through small camps. This means more individualized programs and more intense accountability which therefore means BETTER RESULTS.

Stay tuned for more info on the new and improved Kitsap CrossFit Nutrition Program.