Carol Mezen



CrossFit Level Two Trainer

Carol’s Biography

Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic
First CrossFit WOD: DT – maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorites?
First thought after First CrossFit WOD: I loved it!  I had done similar style workouts at the fire station, but did not understand the technical aspects of the movements or lifts.  It was fun to start learning about the intended stimulus behind certain workouts, etc. 
Before CrossFit I did: I participated in any and every sport growing up.  I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, gymnastics, and by high school had settled on diving.  After high school I began training for distance running, and found myself with a great engine and no muscle when I tested to become a Firefighter.  I survived the fire academy and joined a Russian Kettlebell gym to build strength, and enjoyed it…until I found CrossFit!
Favorite CrossFit exercise:  Hang Power Cleans!  I love them!  If I see them in a workout I get super excited!  I also love anything inverted – handstand walks, handstand pushups, etc.
Least favorite CrossFit exercise:  I don’t really have any.  I no longer enjoy distance running, but love sprinting.  Movements that I struggle with make certain workouts daunting, but it also motivates me to work my weaknesses.  Dumbbell movements are a struggle for me.   Why is it that a pair of 35lb dumbbells feel heavier than 145lbs on a barbell? 
I love Kitsap CrossFit because: Wow, there are so many reasons!  The community of people is amazing:  friendly, supportive, inviting, fun, REAL! I have watched as this community has gathered around one another through some of life’s greatest struggles, or to celebrate events/accomplishments!
Since joining KCF, my fitness level has skyrocketed, and I believe it is because I was able to get proper feedback, correct some errors in the way I was lifting/executing, and propel forward.  The variability of options, from group workouts to Olympic Lifting, keeps it fun.
Most surprising accomplishment: Strict muscle-up.  Mike talked me into trying muscle-ups one day in place of strict pull-ups, and I did it!  Twice!  I had been working the movement for months, but had yet to successfully do one.  It was definitely a huge milestone for me.
Short Term Goals:  Linking strict muscle-ups, a 165lb snatch, compete more…there’s too many to list.  As soon as I complete one, I add a new one, so the list is changing as much as I’m willing to put in the work!
Long Term Goals:  Endurance training is a big one for me.  Distance running, rowing, and swimming, I need to get some training in these areas and work on them, especially since I don’t like to.  Eventually I would like to do a team competition with Shawn again!
Hobbies: Spending time with my family, especially outdoors.  I love hiking and cycling, as long as it’s warm and sunny outside.  I like traveling to explore new places too.
Favorite food: Avocado.  Filet Mignon – rare!  Dark chocolate covered almonds.  Not those three together though.  That would be a very odd combination.
Freestyle: Shawn and I met through CrossFit!  I have three amazing children, two sons and a daughter.  We are a close family and I absolutely adore them.  I wish I had found CrossFit earlier in life and had been able to raise them with this love of health and fitness as a part of their life.  Shawn and the three of them are my biggest fans.  I am very blessed!  As a coach, my favorite thing to add to someone’s vocabulary is “yet”:  instead of “I can’t”, I’ll push you to say “I can’t YET”.  I would have never guessed I would be able to do some of the things I’m capable of doing, but it just took time and commitment.  Success is inevitable if you’re willing to commit!


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