Amy Hollingsworth

Owner / Coach


  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Defense
  • CrossFit Strongman
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

Amy’s Biography

Amy’s early athletic endeavors began with gymnastics and diving before turning to endurance events in college. She started running marathons and moved into triathlons shortly thereafter. She has completed 8 half-marathons, 4 marathons, 1 50K ultramarathon, 2 Half-Ironman triathlons and 20+ Olympic/sprint distance triathlons/duathlons. She took an almost 3 year break from serious training after the birth of her first daughter in 2005 before discovering CrossFit in late 2007. She continued to do CrossFit throughout her entire pregnancy, including “Karen” two days before the birth of her second daughter in 2010. Amy has worked in the healthcare industry for 14 years as a Speech Pathologist treating adults with voice and swallowing disorders. She has helped hundreds of patients regain the ability to eat and drink following neurologic injuries and head & neck cancer. She has also witnessed the devastating effects of poor dietary habits and its role in declining cardiovascular health, rise in Type II Diabetes and skyrocketing healthcare costs. She developed an interest in nutrition as a means of disease prevention and treatment to improve patients’ quality of life. Amy’s coaching style is formed by her experience as an athlete in combination with her ability to develop a personal connection with people. She is a strong proponent of leading people outside of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment in order to achieve extraordinary results.

Occupation: KCF Owner; Certification Program Manager at CrossFit Inc.

First CrossFit WOD: My first time was a trial WOD at Oceanside CrossFit. It was something with wall balls, kettlebell high pulls and running.

First thought after First CrossFit WOD: 1) I thought they were crazy. 2) I thought I was super out of shape. 3) I couldn’t wait to so it again.

Before CrossFit I did: Running marathons (to include one 50K) and triathlons (including 2 half-Ironmans).

Favorite CrossFit exercise: Bear Complex

Least favorite CrossFit exercise: WALL BALLS!!!

I love Kitsap CrossFit because: The KCF community is so amazing. This group of people is strong and supportive, and they love to have fun. The members at KCF are some of the most generous people in all of Kitsap County, I’m proud of how much they give back to their community. I absolutely love my fellow athletes and the team of amazing and hardworking coaches at KCF!!!

Most surprising accomplishment: Not much surprises me, I like to celebrate small victories ☺

Short Term Goals: Be able to train more consistently.

Long Term Goals: Improve my Olympic lifts – both technique and weight.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my family and friends, cooking, traveling, and enjoying the amazing views in the PNW.

Favorite food: Hmmm, this is tough. Asian food (Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian), Mexican food (real Mexican more so than Tex-Mex), anything with a lot of herbs and garlic, and BACON. Oh, and ice cream.

Freestyle: I love the countless stories I hear from people near and far about how CrossFit has changed their lives. I have always believed CrossFit is right for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. I love that we have families doing this together. While I am impressed with all our athletes at KCF, I am especially proud of two programs at Kitsap CrossFit – 1) The Survive & Thrive program for women cancer survivors. What an inspiring group of strong ladies!! 2) My First Throwdown. I love seeing the community come together to support folks who are brave enough to take center stage as a beginner.


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