About Us

Kitsap CrossFit is a unique fitness program based on the CrossFit methodology.

CrossFit workouts combine elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting into challenging and highly effective workouts for people of all fitness levels. It includes education in performance nutrition to support program and personal goals. CrossFit is unparalleled in producing superb fitness and health results. At Kitsap CrossFit, our goal is to provide the ultimate fitness experience. You will receive personalized attention everyday to ensure proper form in movements and empowerment to take responsibility in achieving outstanding fitness and nutrition objectives. The hallmark of Kitsap CrossFit is the strong, supportive community which fosters a sense of belonging, accountability, and friendly competition. Kitsap CrossFit believes in evidence-based fitness, ongoing education for members and staff, and supportive community events. Kitsap CrossFit is not just a place to get a good workout. It is a place for you to learn, share, and grow to become better at your sport, work, and life.

Choosing the Right Program for You

Your health and fitness deserve to be a priority and you are worth the investment.

Kitsap CrossFit has variety of classes, class times, and training programs to suit your needs. KCF also has the most qualified training staff in all of Kitsap County to ensure that your personal safety and fitness needs are being met. Our coaches will empower you and guide you to strength you never knew you had. Our community will show you that KCF is a place where people care about one another and support each other to meet and exceed their goals.

There are many gyms to choose from. We recommend you visit all area CrossFit gyms as well as local athletic clubs to ensure you find the right fit for you.


The ultimate resources for health and fitness in Kitsap County. We foster a thriving community that enthusiastically supports each other's health and fitness goals.